The Race is OFF

In life and in business there is competition. People hear accolades and see the prizes for those who finish first. This praise and wealth often stimulate a desire to conquer one’s rivals and reap the rewards for doing so.

In these situations, everyone becomes an adversary. Their attributes undergo evaluation and strategies formulated to exploit their weaknesses.

One should recognize, however, that focusing on a rival’s vulnerabilities means nothing. There is no effective way to exploit them in an ungovernable environment.

The mindful leader acknowledges and respects their rivals. They understand that prioritizing tactics to attack an external problem is inefficient and risky.

It is far more effective to conquer oneself. The wise leader cultivates self-knowledge and masters their trade. This allows them to best any opponent without force.

Emphasize the internal and develop personal strength. The wise leader applies their talents with humility and adapts to their environment. In this way, the true leader wins without contending.