Charging Backwards

In business and in life there are misunderstandings and conflict. And, unfortunately, efforts to find common ground fail.

Wise leaders must be careful during these trying times. It is easy to surrender to the ego and become combative about one’s status. They should beware of needing to prove that anything is smarter, or stronger, or superior to another. This desire to be “the best” is egotistical and can incur a huge cost.

Inevitably, there comes a time when all efforts to maintain a peaceful coexistence fails. When this happens the mindful leader will not be the aggressor. They will respond only if attacked. They remain flexible and are willing to retreat. This allows them to create opportunities to assess the opponent and their circumstances.

In preparing a strategic response, the leader always respects the opponent. They do not underestimate their abilities or engage them in anger. They acknowledge them as competitors, not enemies.

The leader must show decisiveness. They must also humbly acknowledge their allies and manage them with skill. This means serving them well by using their strengths and listening to their ideas.

The wise leader understands these strategies. They know, however, that winning every battle does not prove their excellence. Winning without going into battle, proves their excellence.