Long Walk Off a Short Pier

In business people strive to succeed by gathering more, climbing higher and moving faster. They try to get ahead by accumulating power and money and belongings.

In society, people strive to appear clever, vibrant, and elegant. They try to be popular by cultivating and projecting an image to please the crowd.

This effort to be successful at business and popular in society is exhausting. Trying to live a life controlled by the projections of others is difficult to endure for long.

Rather than constantly striving for external gain and feigning exuberance, perhaps it is time to seek peace within. At least for a little while.

Take a break from trying so hard. Be free from expectations. Want less and give more. Embrace simplicity and accept what comes and goes. Be alone and listen to the quiet. Look within.

It is impossible to stay separate from the world for long. However, taking time to be mindful of both the external and the internal, allows one to realize the unity of all things.

Understand the illusion of success and popularity. It presents the opportunity and the freedom to embrace life.

Then you can determine how far you should walk the path.