Needing to Win

Do you need to win?

There was once an archer that always hit the bullseye during his practice sessions. When he competed for a prize, however, he became nervous, could not concentrate, and never hit the target.

His skills had not changed, but his need to win divided him. He cared more about winning than about shooting. And the need to win stole his skill.

Do you want the raise or promotion too much? Does your ambition blind you? Does your desire for the prize keep you from winning?

Forget the bullseye. Embrace your job, practice your skills, refine your technique, and develop your abilities. With perseverance you will master yourself and your position.

Your job is to be mindful of what is happening and to facilitate it. Let go of desire and move forward with modest confidence. You will find the pathway to fulfillment.

And, to “winning.”