Be Yourself

Society focuses on applause and celebrity. In turn, many leaders become distracted by the yearning for recognition and adulation. They worry about being impressive and creating a personal brand rather than simply being good and producing quality work.

These fraudulent leaders entrap themselves in their illusions. They brag of their triumphs and talents, while doing little to deserve this self-acclaim. They are only deluding themselves. The people they are trying to impress recognize their boasting for what it is and turn away, hoping to find quality leadership.

The wise leader does not engage in conceited imaginings. They do not attempt to deceive others, or themselves. They do not proclaim their possessions, position, and power at every opportunity. By not contending with others for these accolades, no one will contend with them.

The mindful leader takes care to be themselves. They align their thoughts and actions with the natural rhythm of the situation. They forget appearances and politics. They remain flexible and yield to quietly doing what is right. By not trying to impress, they achieve success and earn respect. All people recognize quality work and appreciate a humble attitude.

Being true to oneself grants a leader flexibility and confidence. This unlocks all possibilities and grants the leader an uncluttered vision of reality. This allows them to see potential and seize opportunities. It also grants them chance to learn new skills and embrace an attitude of oneness and cooperation.

The self-aware and modest leader inspires others and helps them to grow. A leader; team; a department; a company that is capable, confident, adaptable, and enlightened to the connectivity of all things, can adapt and succeed.