Seeing Through The Illusion

Life and work. Work and life. Sometimes the combination is overwhelming.

The demands of society and management are constant. Everyone is to perform their role and immerse themselves in the drama and the crisis. It is easy to forget that it is all an illusion.

Understanding that everything is one, allows for the acceptance of everything. This detached view of life and work as they are, rather than through filters of like and dislike, opens the way to awareness and inner peace.

If one can remember who they are, they can distinguish appearances from realities. This understanding allows for the acceptance of events as they happen, rather than craving a different truth.

Exhibiting personal and professional honesty, one can adjust, embrace the situation, and act in accordance with what is genuinely taking place.

Those who can remember that it is all an illusion and that everything is one can put aside their fears.

Seeing their life and work clearly, they do their best, and accept the truth of their actions.

The person who is impartial and acts selflessly is inspirational. Many will seek their wisdom and leadership.