Enough is Enough

The failed sales pitch, the stumbled presentation, the unsuccessful proposal; each a lost opportunity. Everyone worked hard and strived for success. Yet, the results were not good enough. Someone else finished first.

There is fault-finding, second guessing, and the clarity of perfect hindsight. The failure stings and the disappointment bruises. Everyone assesses the situation and questions what to do next.

After a moments reflection, the participants should recognize that no one wins every time. Each person, proclaiming that they gave their best, should feel no shame. At times, even one’s best is not enough.

Keep perspective. Sometimes success is not in the winning, but in the effort. Dedicated participants have no need for sadness or questioning. They fulfilled their obligation to themselves, to their teammates, to their leaders, and to the competition itself.

The past is gone. Failure lies only with those who did not give their all. If one contributes completely of themselves and their talents, they should have no regret.

Knowing that enough is enough, one can appreciate the present moment and find contentment.

And try again.

And again.