It’s a New Year! What’s Next?

Fools regard themselves as already awake.
~ Chuang Tzu


Many leaders see the end of one year, or quarter, or project and need to jump into what is next in their quest for more. They believe they must appear strong and decisive. That they must show they are in command. That they must inspire their employees. That they must act. And, that they must act now.

This pressure to act can be real or imagined. The impulsive leader reacts to this coercion. They forget their real responsibility is to take, not the fastest, but the best course of action.

True leaders are confident. They are willing to go slow, quiet their mind, and reflect on everything swirling around them. This concentrated focus allows them to define what is real and what is an illusion. They can then act, or not act, based on their true circumstances, not their projected imaginings.

The mindful leader is patient. They view everything from a clear and honest perspective. They consider their organizational goals and evaluate the internal and external environment. They appraise the strength of their team as well as their competition. And, they determine if they have the assets and discipline to succeed.

This initial evaluation is essential. Proper consideration of a project’s problems and possibilities offer valuable insights. This assessment determines if the potential value exceeds the current commitment of resources. If yes, the leader will create a plan in harmony with the organization’s goals and resources.

This prudent analysis and thorough planning allow the leader to proceed with confidence.

The benevolent leader has one final task before putting the plan into action. They share the plan and its goals with their team. This trust in their team’s abilities will boost morale and reinforce everyone’s commitment to success.

The wise leader is not impulsive. They do not have grand delusions. They are confident and unafraid to be quiet and reflect on matters. They assess the dangers and rewards of an opportunity and decide. Sometimes they will act. Sometimes they will wait for the next, the better, opportunity.

A new year! A new project?

Quietly consider it.

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