“Detachment” is often viewed as a negative attribute; being aloof, or unemotional, or uncommitted.

From a philosophical, as well as a business perspective, the detached leader is a blessing. The “detached” leader is objective and makes merit based decisions. They are not influenced by personal desires or preferences. They do what is best for the organization.

In their desire for success, managers want more sales and a larger market for their organization. They want more pay and a more benefits for themselves. This is often ego driven and short sighted. The leader must not allow these cravings to dominate their thinking or cloud their judgment.

The best leaders relinquishes their attachment to a certain outcome. They listen, learn, and make an open-minded decision.

They did their best. Loss or gain does not affect them. Praise or blame is not a concern. They take responsibility for their actions and await their next challenge.

When called upon to make your next decision, can you be objective? Be honest? Be simple? Let go of any ego and self-interest?

Can you be detached?