Entrepreneurs Build Dreams - No Walls Needed

Building the Dream – No Walls Needed

Entrepreneurs dream. They start businesses to make a product or provide a service that fulfills a need. They present their creation to the market, work hard, and strive to achieve success.

To some, having a reputable product or service and making a sustainable profit is not enough. Discarding their humility, these dealmakers smirk at the smallness of their original dreams. To them, success means becoming bigger and more powerful.

These egotistical promoters crusade to protect their brand and insulate themselves from ‘outsiders.’ They strive only to create more for themselves and their loyalist.

These autocratic leaders grab and maintain power through chaos. They create and foster an anarchic environment fueled by frustration and discontent. They shout messages of hate against those who think or act differently. They sell themselves as strong and admirable.

In turn, their faithful disciples cling to them. They believe anything to relieve them of their fears. They feel overwhelmed, ignored, and discarded. They will trust anyone that promises them a better life. Even if the person will act against their best interests.

Why do false leaders lose their way? They allow desire, envy, and rivalries to create a relentless obsession for recognition. They lose respect for simple aspirations. Their self-absorption makes them lose their empathy. They lash out at anyone who disagrees with or challenges them.

A mindful leader remains faithful to their original dreams. They realize they do not need to force things. Grateful for what they have accomplished, it is natural for them to do what is good and right. They know this will lead to growth and profit in time.

Adept leaders accept that businesses must evolve. The environment is never static. They must keep pace. Technologies change and so does culture and society. They acknowledge this, accept it, and remain vigilant to refine their strategic goals. This openness and acceptance allow them to thrive.

The wise leader accepts they are not alone, apart from the world. They celebrate the universality of dreams. They honor that people come and go, borders move, and alliances shift. Everything changes. They adapt.

The true leader finds balance. They do not attempt to delude themselves or others. They have clarity. Mindful leaders act in harmony with the times and maintain an honest dialogue with everyone. They respect their rivals and treat them as equals. Wise leaders support and protect their employees with clear and honest leadership. Thoughtful leaders create fair and transparent expectations. They help everyone achieve their goals through conversation and compromise, education and enlightenment.

Entrepreneurs are creators of value. To endure they must evolve with the social and business environment. They do not need to fear change or those outside their circle. They do not need to build a wall to protect them or their companies. They only need to stay the path and do the right thing. Everything else will take care of itself.

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