Enso Communications – Storytelling – Blog: Philosophy for Life and Business

The Blog: Enso Communications looks at modern life and business through the prism of ancient philosophy.

These posts encourage a natural and mindful approach to complicated and challenging situations. Effective leadership starts with humility and respect. Strategies created through open-minded honesty align with, rather than struggle against the environment. This approach leads to management success and personal harmony.

Enso Illuminations – Natural Imagery

Enso Illuminations photography attempts to capture the natural essence of the subject.

These images show people, places, and things in their natural and hopefully best “light.” I hope that you enjoy them.

Real Estate Services

Detailed floor plans and photography to help clients visualize a house as their home.


Thank you for visiting. My name is Tom Martin. I live in rural Virginia. I offer consulting, writing, photography, and design services. Please contact me if I can be of assistance to you.

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